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Anya Vaughn

Animator and Illustrator


As the only person in a family of five who chose not to go into the field of classical music, Anya Vaughn has always been the odd one out. Music played a big part in her childhood, and she took lessons in violin, piano, and trombone, but ultimately decided against pursuing it as a career. However, her musical background does inform her passion for animation, as she has been immersed in the concepts of timing, rhythm, and movement since she was a kid. She often incorporates her musical inspirations into her work. Her thesis project, for example, is being made in collaboration with a composer and childhood friend, Matt Ridge. They are both utilizing experimentation for this project, with digitally distorted audio and surreal visuals rendered in scratchboard.

Anya's interest in music has developed her ability to think creatively beyond graphic elements. As an undergraduate major in animation at MICA, she has been awarded several scholarships and prizes, including:

  • The Bill Woody and Tom Miller Scholarship
  • The Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • The Lenore Fund Scholarship
  • The MICA NAHS Scholarship
  • The MICA Creative Vision Award.

Anya was also awarded an Honorable Mention from NASA’s Conceptual Image Lab Award for her paint-on-glass animation, You are the Sky, which was a collaboration with poetry reading and dance. Her work has been featured in:

  • Opening Doors: Scholarship Donor Student Exhibition
  • Jump the Turnstile shows sponsored by Arts by the People
  • MICA Illustration Seance Show

Anya is interested in exploring many different career paths, but is particularly interested in working on animated shows or films.